Untitled (A Response to Coral Bracho)

The words ask for exploration; the landscape of the body

with the touch of another’s

we share the curiosity of cartographers

in a new land                        mysterious etchings of symbols across skin

                                    blue veins encase the bone.


The poem asks for response but the language is unknown

claridad                         -clearly

                        What is the incantation

                        for water           

                        turned into red wine dried at the bottom of a cup?



                        vino rojo


What makes a word?

Is it the adjective?

Is it the way it is whispered in dark?


Back in bed, the lovers explore the echoing

            caves; carrying a magic quality

            an anacoluthia

            the zetetic process of a kiss- an inquiry into taste

            they vellicate at the brush of eyelash against skin.


Previously published in Transfer Magazine (SFSU)