What are the facts of this poem?

         It points to


                      and unity


the subtle feathery edge of the wing

(or the spirit of the thing).


What is the genuine?


              the pupil expands as

                    we admire

                         what we cannot understand.


What does the poem do to you-

           to persuade you it is a real poem?


π is interesting.

Parallel lines are interesting.

            They do not repeat-

                     there is no intersection-

                            they are gestures toward the real thing.



What is the source?

             Is it the well where the hazelnut falls?

Or is it battling, inarticulate

              blindly unmaking it?


There is wisdom to unfolding

         petals-       pages-       words

                 to find truth

                     to wonder what is.


Intimations of-          something

               an encounter-           in real life.